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What is the application platform of talking car alarms?

Mar 2, 2016

   The application platform of talking car alarms---Rolling jump code remote controller

   Remote control used the CROCHIP Ml technology of the rolling code technology,it has 66 bit encryption series per second a by remote control, it has a chance to coincidence password must be 28 years, it makes the copy and break any attempt to come to naught.Hands-free phone with ordinary mobile phone dialing and answering function, vehicle owners do not need to take the phone, with headphones can free calls, which makes driving safer.

   The application platform of talking car alarms---wiretapping

   When the system alarm, the owner can send the corresponding instructions in accordance with the voice prompts. Listen to the car in the movement. To facilitate the confirmation of the police. Normally, we can always call the car system number. Enter the owner password, listen to the car movement.

   The application platform of talking car alarms---remote boot

   Free from the restrictions,before your driving, using a mobile phone through mobile phone, open the car air-conditioning through voice commands, warm air, creating a comfortable driving environment, the northern winter, this feature is available ahead of the car. (optional type).

  The application platform of talking car alarms---Complete self service

   Regardless of your body where as long as in the GSM network coverage and can be as immersive to understand your car, drive in what place, whether to open a lock state, the engine is running.Using a mobile phone, landline or mobile phone remote monitor the vehicle within each tiny voice. It can remotely control the vehicle, opening and closing the door locks, remote start car, parking control, mobile phone 24 hours all-weather, all-round monitoring of car, all the control in their own hands.
  The application platform of talking car alarms---Green environmental protection

   Vibration device is divided into 8 levels (from the sensitive to close) can be set to sound or silent mode of operation, can be normal alarm.It can achieve the "I know but thieves don't know" effect. For example: Thunder, rain, we can use mobile phone to enter the menu closed vibrator, so that the car was being shaken wouldn't give you a call, only to open the door, illegal start, power outages, step on the foot brake, when the burglar alarm system will give you a call, and realizes the green and environmental protection are not disturbing.

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