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The introduction of exhaust systems Canada

Mar 2, 2016

 Do you know exhaust systems Canada?Now let's learn about the exhaust systems Canada.
   The exhaust system Canada refers to a system of collecting and exhausting air,including the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, silencer pipe, tail pipe and resonator.

   The fresh air was mixed with gasoline engine combustion, resulting in high-temperature and high-pressure gas pushes the piston, when the gas energy release, the engine will no longer have the value and the gas becomes waste gas and then it is discharged out of the engine.When exhaust gas  was pushed from the cylinder, then into the exhaust manifold, the exhaust manifold of each cylinder after the collection, through the exhaust pipe exhaust gas. As the intake manifold,gas in the exhaust manifold go out of the engine in the way of pulse,so the cylinder exhaust manifold length and curvature is also designed to into the same as far as possible, so that the cylinder exhaust can be as smooth.

   Out from the catalytic converter,the exhaust systems Canada is connected to the muffler, the muffler cross section is a circular or oval object,they are made of thin steel plate welding,they are usually installed in the exhaust system Canada on the middle and rear position, it have a series of clapboard, a chamber, a pipe and a pipe, each other interference cancellation using acoustic reflection phenomenon, making sound energy gradually weakened,they are made to attenuate and fluctuate pressure  which is generated by the exhaust every time the door is opened .
As the name suggests,it is used to eliminate the noise of exhaust muffler, making the vehicle more quiet. A plurality of expansion chamber, engine emission of exhaust gas after several expansion program,it will make the exhaust pulse ease and eliminate the noise silencer. However, due to the gas in the path of the muffler complex, in other words is muffler to reduce the exhaust of the smooth, so also will be slightly affecting the performance of the engine. Some people will be modified through the straight exhaust tail tube, so that although a slight increase in engine performance, but it will greatly increase the exhaust noise, so it is not worth but  it is also in violation of traffic regulations.

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