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Introduction of top car alarms

Mar 2, 2016

 Top car alarms,which is multifunctional products, not only can anti-theft alarm function, but also have to start the remote control car tail box, remote control door switch, remote control window switch, remote engine start, remote control locking engine.

   Brief introduction of top car alarms:When the car alarm occurs (such as illegal start, open the door to vibration, the system is broken), the system immediately call the owner of the preset alarm phone (mobile phone, Landline).Sound and light warning, and locking circuit / circuit, let the car can not start in the unsolved police.

   Function of top car alarms:

   1 security alert / security lifting

   2 trigger state identification function, anti rob function

   3 central door lock automation
   4 door not close good warning

   5 find a car / help, two security
  6.LED prompt, precision electronic reconnaissance device
  7 remote control to open the trunk

   8 intrusion warning, power off memory

   9 automatic anti-theft / automatic anti-theft door / door, flash flash no choice
  10 engine lock, external emergency lift.

   11 electric lock / pneumatic lock selection, automatic lift window / non automatic lift window selection

   12 microwave / ultrasonic interface (optional)
   13 mute security

   14 l window signal output (negative output)
   15 remote control and host to code method (learning code)

   Top car alarms:

   1.ntelligent identification of the identity of the host! It can identify the identity of the owner of the super smart GPS positioning and vehicle anti-theft alarm system in!

   2.GPS intelligent anti-theft alarm combo system!

   3.only once a month to achieve the purpose of charging the owner to achieve the purpose of positioning! Super power saving technology, super intelligent design, creating the world's unique car GPS burglar alarm!

   Application platform of top car alarms:

   Intelligent voice platform:Users don't need to remember any of the control command, according to the voice prompts telephone operation. Once the car alarm occurs, anti-theft system will call you through GSM network, voice tell you specific alarm: (shaking, open the door, illegal start, alarm, etc.). It is convenient for you to take different treatment methods.

   Propaganda deterrent:The alarm system, the owner can be in accordance with the voice prompt, using a mobile phone to the car shouting, deter theft behaviors. Usually also can always call the vehicle number, the owner password input system ", shouted to the car.

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