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How to maintain auto engine?

Mar 2, 2016

  Auto engine is the engine that provides power for the automobile, it is the heart of the car, and it affects the power, economy and environmental protection of the automobile.According to different sources of power, automotive engines can be divided into diesel engines, gasoline engines, electric motors and hybrid.

   Auto engine needs to do regular maintenance.After driving through some particularly wet or dust particularly large areas, we also need to do some inspection and maintenance of the relevant parts of the engine.

   1.Replace oil and oil filter element.

   2.Keep the crankcase ventilation good.

   3.Regular cleaning of crankcase.

   In the process of running the auto engine,combustion chamber pressure unburned gases, acids, water, sulfur and nitrogen oxide by the gap between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase in, and parts wear of metal powder mixed together to form sludge.When the quantity is small, the oil is suspended, the amount is large, and the oil is separated from the oil, and the filter and the oil hole are blocked, causing the engine to lubricate, causing the wear and tear.In addition, at high temperature, oil oxidation and generation film and product carbon bond on the piston, the engine fuel consumption increases, power loss, serious when the stuck piston rings and cylinder. Therefore, regular use of BGl05 (lubrication system efficient fast cleaning agent) to clean the crankcase, keep the engine clean.

   4.Periodic cleaning of fuel system.

   5.Regular maintenance tank

   Engine water tank rust, scaling is the most common problem.Rust and scale can limit the cooling liquid in the cooling system of flow, reduce heat, causing the engine to overheat, or even cause damage to the engine.The cooling liquid is oxidized to form acid material, and the metal part of the corrosion water tank can cause the damage and leakage of the water tank. Regular use of BG540 (tanks powerful and efficient cleaning agent) water tank cleaning, remove the rust and scale, not only can guarantee the normal work of the engine, and prolong the overall life of the water tank and the engine.

   6.Fuel system maintenance and cleaning.

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