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Quality discrimination of nylon cutting board

Feb 25, 2016

 Nylon cutting board is a thermoplastic resin containing repeated amide group NHCO - in the molecular chain. The name is determined by the number of carbon atoms in the monomer. Is the largest chemical company in the United States - DuPont Co, a famous chemist Carlo Seth and his research team invented.

   Product description of nylon cutting board:Specification: 1-200mm*500/1000mm*1000/2000mm.Nylon series is the most important engineering plastic. The product is widely used, it covers almost every area, it is the five largest engineering plastics in the most widely used varieties.

   Main characteristics of nylon cutting board:Mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, high toughness, resistance to aging performance, good mechanical damping capacity, good sliding, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, for precision control, no creeping phenomenon, good antiwear properties, dimensional stability good.

   Quality discrimination of nylon cutting board:

   What are the properties of a good quality nylon board?

   Nylon appearance for the milky white to pale yellow, containing mechanical impurities and water on the surface of the particles, particle size greater than 40 eggs / g with tiny black spots particles containing not more than 2%, which is characterized in that the toughness, seismic, has high mechanical strength and heat resistance, impact strength is good, high melting point, good processability, hygroscopicity, saturated water absorption at around 11%, fusible in sulfuric acid phenol or formic acid, brittle temperature of minus 20 degrees - 30 degrees.

   Transparent nylon PA has good tensile strength, resistant impact strength, rigid, wear resistance, chemical resistance, surface hardness etc. performance, high transmittance, similar with that of optical glass, processing temperature for 300--315 DEG C, when processing, strict control of barrel temperature, melt temperature is too high will products discoloration caused by the degradation, the temperature is too low will for plasticating will affect the products of transparency. Mold temperature as far as possible to take some low, high mold temperature will be due to crystallization and reduce the transparency of the product.

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