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How to use the round wooden chopping board?

Feb 25, 2016

  How to use the round wooden chopping board?

   When the hammer, cut, chop, smashing things beneath the objects,the round wooden chopping board is generally used in cooking.  

   Classification of round wooden chopping board:Plastic cutting board, wooden cutting board, bamboo anvil, toughened glass plate etc..

   1,Before using the round wooden chopping board,please wash the dust off the chopping block.

   2,After using the round wooden chopping board,please put the block flush again.and wipe clean with a rag, chopping board hanging on the wall or using YCZM exclusive tripod vertical dry in the shade, so as not to block due to damp and discoloration or moldy.

   3. Do not use detergent to clean the round wooden chopping board, because cleaning liquid will penetrate the chopping block, it will lead to a long-term cutting boards rotten. In the processing of food quite unsanitary.

   4 if the block processed oil food, we continue to use hot water brushing fast oil (remember do not use pot brush).

   5 if the fish smell or other odor from the chopping block, we can use lemon and salt together brush. When the block cracks or appear black spots, it is time for the discarded.

   6 we must note that the round wooden chopping board can not put in direct sunlight, avoid chopping over drying and cracking.

   7.If most of the time, do you cook for yourself, I suggest to buy two chopping block, raw, cooked meat separately, reduce food bacteria in cross breeding.

   Small skills of anti-cracking the round wooden chopping board:

   After buying the new round wooden chopping board,we should immediately coated with edible oil.The method is: both sides and the surrounding coated with edible oil on the chopping block, oil to be dry and then painted, painted three or four times. The surrounding block cracking, repeated Multi Coated several times, you can use dry oil. After such treatment, the block is not easy to crack. 

   Do you know the other knowledge about round wooden chopping board?

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