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How to correctly use the large plastic cutting board?

Feb 24, 2016

Now, there is a widespread problem,many families only have one large plastic cutting board,it can cut vegetables,raw and cooked food. Thus, it causes health problems of plastic chopping boards.

   As everyone knows, many raw foods may carry pathogenic microorganisms.There may be parasites in vegetables,aquatic products may have Echinostoma, pig, beef with egg sac etc..When cutting the raw food, pathogenic organisms will inevitably stick in the large plastic cutting board, if not timely disinfection treatment, continue to cut cooked, the bacteria will pollution to the food, and then enter the body, triggering the disease.

   In summary,we'd better prepare 3 pieces of large plastic cutting boards, separating the vegetables, the staple food, cooked food.After use, we must thoroughly clean the large plastic cutting board with detergent, and set it up.

   Before use, must clean large plastic cutting board and with boiling water, boiling, or with 70% alcohol and wipe it again, it can achieve disinfection purposes. In addition, the cutting tool also need to be disinfected, because the tool may be glued to the bacteria.

   If the large plastic cutting board stained fish smell or other odor, we can use lemon and salt to clean it.

   We must develop a good habit of cleaning large plastic cutting board with hot water.and put it in a well ventilated place to dry, and sterilizing effect is better, so we must develop the consciousness of disinfection and maintenance,disinfected regularly for large plastic cutting board, or put it in the sun.

   After we using the large plastic cutting board,there will have marks remaining on the large plastic cutting board,these marks is difficult to clean, and is very suitable for the growth of bacteria, the chopping block to periodically clean and maintain smooth surface.The color of the tool should be the same with the large plastic cutting board.Chopping board, cutting tool health A. after work and work should be put on the chopping block, cutter cleaning and disinfection B. at work, the tool must be in each piece of work before and after, cleaning and disinfection of the tool storage tool must be cleaned and disinfected, and stored in a clean at specified location (the drawer) handle all tools must ensure that no cracks and the breeding of bacteria

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