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Something about the synthetic organic chemicals

Feb 24, 2016

There is a subject about synthetic organic chemical.Abstract:synthetic organic chemicals is an important basic course of chemistry ,the synthetic organic chemicals is a important subject in Colleges and universities. In recent years, the development of synthetic organic chemicals is very rapid, and the contents of the teaching materials have become very rich. The new textbooks are mostly focus on the mechanism of the reaction and the spectral properties of the structure according to the determination of the core content of teaching. And for the organic synthesis is not often mentioned, so in the face of organic synthesis problems, we often do not know how to start, in order to make up for the lack of. This paper briefly introduces the organic synthesis skill,you hope to learn some of their own learning. Key words:synthetic organic chemicals is the process of using chemical method to turn raw materials into new organic compounds. The design of organic synthesis must be familiar with the properties of various functional groups of organic matter, and the law of structural changes in the reaction.    In addition, due to the wide range of knowledge involved in organic synthesis, the relationship between the complex, and sometimes the raw material and the product of a large span, so to be good at finding out the link between the two, and to find a breakthrough point.

   Organic synthetic chemicals is a book published by the chemical industry press in 2010. The author is Ye Fei, Huang Changgan and Xu Cuilian. The book "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for higher school textbooks, according to the teaching plan of the various institutions of higher learning, the book divided into 13 chapters, including all kinds of basic reactions,optical isomer resolution and asymmetric synthesis, protective group applications in organic synthesis, organic synthesis reagent, inverse analysis and design of organic synthesis, modern methods of organic synthesis, from different angles, discuss implementation of organic synthesis.

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