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Some summaries of motor oil additives

Feb 24, 2016

  Motor oil additives are professional additives which are specially designed for the engine.Engine protection agent can effectively lubricate the engine, enhance the quality and durability of oil, so that it can achieve the purpose of protecting the engine.The content of additive in lubricating oil is the minimum requirement of API.It is not the best result for the design standards.By using motor oil additives to improve the performance of the oil to the top state, while it also added graphene, organic molybdenum and other lubricants because of the price is too high can not be an additive component.

   Some summaries of motor oil additives.

   60% engine failure is caused by wear and tear, more than 30% of the energy consumption is caused by friction.Lubrication technology that protect the engine and tap the potential of the engine has long been a favorite subject of top research institutions, it is also the dream of all mechanical engineers. Engine protection agent, it appears to allow the engine to extend the life of the times, so that mechanical engineers have a dream come true.

   Motor oil additives are different from the traditional motor oil additives.Teflon resin is added directly to the oil, it plays the antiwear, but because it will be deposited in the oil passage, an oil pump set filter at low temperatures, resulting in clogging, and deposited on piston ring groove so that the loss of activity, and accelerate sludge formation, the United States is no longer recommended.Engine protection agent only contains 3%-5% of PTFE, which contains a special stabilizer to make Teflon particles can be stable and will not precipitate, which is its patented new cologne product.Its molecules are very small, it is against the metal surface, rather than the lubricating oil itself, so it caused a series of different. It shall not be liable for any lubricating oil additives, processing agent, stabilizer, engine dibutyl phthalate or antifriction agent have an effect, it is only in the formation of a layer of protective film on the surface of metal parts and automatic. It greatly reduces the friction of the engine.

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