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Basic information of natural food additives

Feb 23, 2016

  At present,internationally,natural food additives are usually divided into three major categories:a natural extract, two is to extract the fermentation method, the three is a pure chemical synthesis. Most of the natural food additives for the first two categories, the specific definition is as follows.

   Basic information of natural food additives:
   According to the 1981 Japan Food Additives Association of natural food additives for the following definitions: exist in nature as the raw material, use of drying, crushing, separation and precipitation, extraction, decomposition, heating, distillation, fermentation and enzyme treatment method is made of material as natural food additives.

   Natural food additives
   Number: 1093926
Publisher: Chemical Industry Press

   Pricing: 23
Author: Zeng Ming
Publication date: 2005-01-01
Revision: 1

   Format: 16
   Brief introduction:This book introduces the chemical structure, action mechanism and research progress of natural food preservatives, natural food antioxidants, natural food additives, natural food emulsifier, natural food thickener.In addition,the book also introduced the research progress of natural aquatic biological enzyme, chitinase, alginate enzymes enzyme preparation and in food applications.The content is novel, the data is accurate, it has the strong practical value and the guiding sense.his book can be used for engineering and technical personnel engaged in scientific research and development in the food industry and food additive industry. It also can be used as the agriculture, forestry, light industry, aquaculture, food science and engineering undergraduate business and comprehensive colleges and universities, research or teaching reference books.  
   Nisin are highly efficient and nontoxic natural food additives. It not only has good antiseptic effect, and can weaken the intensity of heat treatment, reduce processing costs, improve food flavor, appearance, and nutritional value, it is consistent with the requirements of food preservatives in the future.At present, the research field of antifungal lactic acid bacteria is still very new. Until recently, most of the published literature on the antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria was only a description of their inhibitory effect, but it was rare for the determination of the antifungal activity of lactic acid bacteria.And now the Nisin market price is higher, the antimicrobial spectrum is not very wide range of applications!

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