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Wat is a flour dredger?

Feb 19, 2016

 What is a flour dredger?Flour dredger which relies on external power (such as produced by the motor power) took the wheat grinding into small particles,by adjusting the mesh size, it makes the flour particles of different sizes, so as to obtain small particles of flour.

   What is a flour dredger?Flour dredger is a kind of roller mill. It is mainly used for wheat, corn, sorghum, rice, and so on milling material, the machine can be single used, and it also can be used for middle and small scale bread flour processing factory matching.

   What is a flour dredger?Milling part:The two grinding roller with a tooth is used for the grinding of the grain in the gradual shrinking of the grain,and because the speed of the two grinding roller is not the same,the grinding force causes the grain to be broken into powder, and the grain that is broken into powder is flowing into the sieve section.

   What is a flour dredger?The rotating fan is stirred and thrown to the surface of the sieve silk, and the slag is sent to the back of the slag outlet. And then processed, so as to cycle, can achieve any desired rate of powder.
   What is a flour dredger?What are the classifications?

   Flour dredger can be divided into different categories according to different requirements. There are several main points.There are several main points.

According to the number of how much flour machine

It can be divided into a single machine, two sets of flour mills and more than one machine (that is, the unit of flour).

   According to the size of the flour machine

It can be divided into small flour mills, medium sized flour mills.

   According to the advanced technology of flour mill,

It can be divided into traditional flour machine (leather core mixed flour milling machine) and modern flour mill (leather core separation flour machine). and large flour mills.

   The traditional flour machine (skin core mixed flour mill) includs stone flour machine and traditional steel flour mill, flour mill,this flour mill in the processing of wheat, the grinding of the core mixture is not separated but directly to the ground so that it caused a relatively black flour.

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