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What is a dredger

Feb 19, 2016

     What is a dredger? Responsible for the dredger, dredging of waterways and rivers of mud, so that other vessels passed. Dredger or blowing sand reclamation tool.

     What is a dredger? We first familiarize yourself with dredging work.
Some dredger itself has no ability to sail, it is a working position every change, always by the tug drive; excavated from the bottom sediment poured into beside waiting barges towed away. Itself has a sail powered dredger in the larger ships of the waterway traffic construction, with thick hose (mud) mud suction. The presence of sediment dredging cabin, filled with bound for overseas drained. Lateral extension suspender dredger is clean narrow waterway is the most effective tool, it smoothly amble, per hour walk about 3700 meters, shovelled in the lake out a width of about 35 m channel, the pump will suck out the sand along the long boom, spray to far away from the waterway of the water. Deep draft ship needs to rely on this particular dredger.