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Is it proportional to drilling rig count and the profits of enterprises

Feb 18, 2016

 Moderator:drilling rig count is not only related to the enterprise's "combat power", but also related to the cost of the enterprise.Some people believe that the drilling rig count is more, the enterprise to improve the efficiency of the space is greater;Some people also believe that the drilling rig count and the number of drilling rig is not necessarily linked.What is the relationship between the number and efficiency of drill rigs?In this issue, we have invited the the Great Wall drilling company and the Daqing drilling company to explore the relevant personnel. 

   Li Ke:There is no inevitable connection between the drilling rig count and the benefit of the drilling machine. The drilling rig count is not the decisive factor of the efficiency.From the surface,from the surface, the number of drilling rigs is much, the workload is big, all kinds of cost, security risk is controllable, of course, with the increase in the workload, the efficiency will increase.But dialectical analysis, due to the sharp increase in the drilling rig count,the situation is not controlled, it will be inversely proportional to the effectiveness of.Drilling rig, the corresponding costs will increase, the risk will increase, resulting in a variety of management costs, it is bound to have a counter effect on efficiency. In short, the number of drilling is not much, and in the fine, to strictly control the number of drilling rigs, optimize the team structure, in order to achieve long-term benefits. 

   If we want to control the drilling rig count and increase the efficiency of enterprises,the key is to do a good job efficiency and effectiveness of the articl.The growth of production index is the embodiment of efficiency, improving efficiency depends on business, management is the basis of enterprise survival and development and tactics.Operating indicators of the growth is the specific embodiment of efficiency, improve the efficiency to rely on business.We should further do a good job in business management, and on the basis, the occupation of the investment return rate is high in the high-end market, upgrading of advanced technical performance of the rig, we have to reduce unnecessary waste, in order to gradually reaching maximum benefit.  

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