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Introduction of stainless steel drainage channel

Feb 17, 2016

 In general,stainless steel drainage channel is used together with the gap type resin concrete drainage ditch.It can form a high drainage efficiency and the appearance of a simple linear drainage ditch. It does not affect the aesthetic effect of the ground pavement. Material is 201 or 304 stainless steel, the length of each piece is 1 meters, itcan be customized according to the requirements of customer.

   Stainless steel drainage channel is divided into drainage on the surface and a side wall,they are applied in parks, squares, shopping malls, high-grade buildings on the ground and the side wall drainage.Slot type drainage system can be: the side seam drainage and raphe drainage ditch ditch, we can use galvanized steel or stainless steel as the material of the cover plate. 

   Advantages of stainless steel drainage channel:Good drainage capacity, the project is installed in the ground and the corner after the completion of a beautiful line only. With anti-theft, anti blocking, cut down the peak, fashionable and beautiful etc..

   Stainless steel drainage channel has a good drainage performance, especially suitable for installation in the square, pedestrian street, business district, and other places for a higher demand for stone pavement.Stainless steel drainage channel can be used with all of the floor covering materials collocation, and has a good load performance, drainage ditch load level can reach 25 tons,it can be used for medium sized vehicles traveling area.Stainless steel drainage channel which is composed of a gap type cover plate, a drainage ditch base, a falling water well and an inspection port is drainage system.

   Product advantage:

   It does not affect the landscape effect of the ground pavement. Its installation is simple and quick, it does not affect the time limit for a project. The product life cycle is long and the maintenance cost is low. Check gap and mouth to prevent debris into the ditch. Forming an excellent linear drainage system on the pavement. Cleaning inspection mouth cover plate can be filled with paving materials, it does not affect the paving effect at the same time, it does not affect the cleaning debris.

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