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Introduction of backhoe dredger

Feb 17, 2016

 What is backhoe dredger?Backhoe dredger is a machine that is mounted on a ship or barge.It is used for dredging of seabed, which is a large ship to sail on the river.Backhoe dredger is only one of the engineering ships to complete the dredging task.This type of dredger is very similar with backacter which is used on land.Also, we can manufacture the dredger by installing the excavator in ship or barge. However, the backhoe dredger is large,because the bucket need to reach deep river.

   The main features of this ship or barge is that they have a backhoe dredger.This setting increases the stability and construction operation safety, excavator boom arm are generally very large and general.But, generally speaking,the bucket boom end of arm is bigger than the bucket which is used on land.Boom arm can be extended to ahead of the dredger and extending into the water below; bucket will move towards a movement in the direction of the boat, clear river bottom sediment will be backhoe excavator, these deposits will be moved to a different location or processed to ensure the river clean-up clean.

   As a land grab,backhoe dredger also use diesel engine drive control unit, host and excavators have mechanical arm part, through the rotation of the mechanical devices to tap into the seabed material,it does not have to re moving the dredger.The boom is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, which means that the hydraulic cylinder is filled with liquid, usually some kind of liquid, which can be extended through the pressure to make the mining device shrink.It makes the bucket and boom allowable load greatly. The operator sits in the cab to control the movement of the boom. 

   Some of the world's largest backhoe dredger can dig to more than 30 meters.Most of the dipperdredger model is not so big, and it can not be dug to such a depth, however, they will still be able to easily reach the bottom of the riverbed, generally speaking, bucket can land mobile arm with a great many times excavator, however, for relatively small river,we usually use smaller backhoe dredger.

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