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International Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Exhibition

Feb 17, 2016

 The number of industrial furnace manufacturers who participate in the International Industrial Furnace Exhibition is more than 1 thousand.The number of professional visitors is more than 20 million.Over the years, it has been the strong support of the government,it also got the support and cooperation of the following domestic and international authoritative organizations: European industrial furnace manufacturers and heat treatment equipment manufacturers association, the Italian casting equipment and material suppliers association, American casting suppliers association, the German machinery and equipment manufacturers association, Japan Prime shape casting materials center, the Italian Institute for foreign trade, Italy industrial machinery, equipment and Products Association, British casting equipment and Materials Association.In all previous exhibitions, the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Spain, Russia and so on,which organized huge National Pavilion exhibitors,international exhibition area is nearly twenty thousand square meters, it shows the confidence of foreign manufacturers in the Chinese market and the great attraction of the Chinese market.Domestic exhibition situation has steadily increased, the local industry organizations are participating in a group. No matter the number of manufacturers, the size of the exhibition and the quality of the products on display are increasing. 

   In recent years,the whole industry level of our country is developing rapidly.Casting, forging, metallurgical industry in mainland China has become a hot topic in the world metal market concern.China's casting production has been ranked first in the world.As the most basic and the most important part of the metal industry, industrial furnace equipment also played a prominent role.

   With the rapid development of metal manufacturing industry, the domestic industrial furnace manufacturers are facing new development opportunities and severe challenges.We need to learn and draw lessons from foreign advanced technology and management experience,we also need to have the necessary cooperation with foreign enterprises who have advanced technology,which can promotes the technological progress of Chinese industrial furnace manufacturers and the upgrading of products,and accelerate the development of China's industrial furnace industry.Therefore,we take advantage of the international exhibition to bring the foreign businessmen in,China's industrial furnace manufacturers can learn from foreign experience at home,strengthen international exchange, foster the international market.China International Industrial Furnace Exhibition, it provides a good opportunity and platform for cooperation between China and foreign countries.

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