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Industrial blast furnace and its main components

Feb 3, 2016

   Industrial blast furnace:Main equipment for smelting molten iron. The cross section is a circular shaft furnace for iron smelting, furnace shell steel, refractory brick lining inside the building.The main body of the blast furnace consists of furnace throat, body, waist, belly and hearth part five.Furnace throat is arranged on the charging device; the upper part of the hearth along the circumferential uniform design air, warm air through the bustle pipe, branch pipe and elbow, straight pipe, the air is blown into the furnace; tuyere plane under a slag outlet and the taphole. Because of the small amount of slag, the modern industrial blast furnace does not set the slag. 

   Main components of industrial blast furnace

   Blast furnace shell: Most modern blast furnaces use welded steel plate furnace shell,only a handful of soil blast furnace use minimum reinforcement steel brick shell.The role of the furnace shell is a fixed cooling device,to ensure the blast furnace solid and sealed furnace body, some of them are still under the top load.In addition to the enormous gravity, the shell is also subjected to heat stress and internal gas pressure.Sometimes it is also resistant to the collapse of the material, the gas explosion may occur even if the sudden impact, therefore, it should have sufficient strength.The shape and size of the furnace shell should be in the shape of the blast furnace, the thickness of the furnace body and the structure of the cooling equipment.

   Furnace throat of industrial blast furnace:The upper part of the body of the blast furnace is cylindrical. The entrance is also charging furnace throat, gas export. It is the upper part of the furnace and gas distribution control and regulation. Throat diameter and hearth diameter, diameter and diameter of the proper proportion of belly clock. The furnace throat height to allow a group of more than expected, as can control the distribution of burden and gas flow.

   Shaft of industrial blast furnace:It is a frustum of a cone referred to as the truncated cone, it gradually from top to bottom expanding. It the burden in the case of heat occurs volume expansion after there will be no material arch and reduce burden decreased resistance force. The size of the shaft angle have great influence on the distribution of charge decreased and the gas flow.

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