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How to make a homemade can crusher

Feb 3, 2016

At present, the selection of the crusher generally exist the following deficiencies.

     1, energy consumption is high, hammer crusher product size is 20mm, the ratio of energy consumption is 0.4 0.5KW / Hr.T;

     2, over crushing serious, although the double tooth roller crusher finished grain size uniformity, but its processing capacity is limited by the gap between the double tooth roller;

     3, the general crusher in the material broken, the foreign body will be broken at the same time, and can not be separated from it.
     How to make a homemade can crusher? Which is designed to overcome the deficiency of existing technology, provides a drum type selective crushing machine, according to the broken material physical properties to determine a reasonable to impose the crushing force of the material, selection of crushing material, and reduce the material crushing, can meet the demand of product of uniform size. Knowing its purpose is helpful to us how to make a homemade can crusher.

     How to make a homemade can crusher, roller type selective crusher by rotary part, a dustproof cover and relief materials, waste discharge part, basic framework and idler roller part, rotor drive part and the drum driving part. Knowing its purpose is helpful to us how to make a homemade can crusher.

     The rotating part is composed of an existing roller sieve and a rotor with a striking piece, and the rotor is supported on the roller by a triangular frame, and can also be supported at both ends of the roller. The roller and the rotor are driven by the same direction. Rotary movement of the drum will be raised to the highest point of the material, thrown backward from the top of the rotor into the rotation area of the hit parts. When the material is in the bottom of the drum, there is a sufficient screening process.

     How to make a homemade can crusher? The utility model has the advantages that the crushing and screening of the material and the separation of the foreign bodies are completed by the combination of a roller screen and a rotor with striking pieces. By changing the rotating speed of the rotor and the position of the roller in the roller to meet the requirements of different kinds of materials. Due to the rapid screening of the roller screen, the size of the finished product of the material is even, and the crushing capacity is very low.

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