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How much do forklifts weigh?

Feb 3, 2016

 A lot of people don't know how much do forklifts weigh.Then let's solve this problem together.

   How much do forklifts weigh?The weight that the forklift can fork is associated with the specified level of forklift.For example,the forklift whose wWeight is 3 tons can fork up 3 tons,it is the maximum weight.And it's in the best position to be the best.

   How much do forklifts weigh?Forklift truck is an industrial handling vehicle, it is a kind of wheeled transport vehicle which is used for loading and unloading, stacking and short distance transportation.

   How much do forklifts weigh?The international organization for standardization ISO/TC110 is known as an industrial vehicle. It is commonly used in the transportation of large storage objects, which are usually used in fuel or battery powered.

   How much do forklifts weigh?The technical parameters of the forklift are used to show the structure characteristics and working performance of the forklift. Main technical parameters: rated weight and load center distance, maximum lifting height, gantry angle, maximum speed, minimum turning radius, minimum ground clearance and the wheelbase and track etc..

   1, the rated lifting weight: The rated lifting weight is:the maximum weight which is allowed to lift when the distance is not greater than the load center distance.When the center of gravity of the goods on the fork is beyond the specified load center distance,due to the limitation of the longitudinal stability of the forklift truck, the weight should be reduced accordingly.

   2, load center distance: the load center distance refers to the goods fork placed standard goods, its center of gravity of the vertical section of the vertical section of the horizontal distance T, with mm (mm) said. For the forklift whose weight is 1T to 4T, the specified load center distance is 500mm.

   3, the maximum lifting height: on the flat and solid ground,the forklift is full,when the goods are raised to the highest position,the vertical distance between the upper surface of the fork level and the level of the fork lift truck is the maximum lifting height.

   4, the maximum lifting speed: the maximum lifting speed of the forklift usually refers to the maximum speed of the goods from the full load, the goods to m/min (M / min) said.Improving the maximum lift speed,which can improve the efficiency of work, but if lifting speed is too fast, it prone to damage and casualties.At present, the maximum lifting speed of the domestic forklift has been increased to 20m/min.

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