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How do cranes get on top of buildings?

Feb 2, 2016

 How do cranes get on top of buildings?The (located just above the boom extension framework climbing frame) overweight arm spin to the introduction of standard section of direction, at the same time if you are ready to add a few standard section,the standard section to add a lift, which in turn are arranged in the boom below the slewing brake in the braking position.

   How do cranes get on top of buildings?Release cable (length slightly larger than the total height of the climb), on the ground, first, the introduction of the standard wheel is fixed on the lower part of the four corners of the tower section, and then lift the standard section on the extended frame, appropriate weight, adjust pallet position (hanging a standard position of the first lifting point).Such that the upper portion of the center of gravity of the tower crane falls on the beam lifting cylinder,in the actual operation, observe eight sets of shelves under the guide wheel and the tower section main limb pole gap group, which are the same, that is, as the ideal position, top rising process is strictly prohibited to Rotary.

   How do cranes get on top of buildings?Startting the hydraulic system and pulling the hook lifting beam hanging on the steps,removing the 8 high strength bolts between the tower body and the lower mount,then the piston rod, the climbing frame on the left in the tower on a treadmill,shrink again oil cylinder to top beam hook hanging,and out of the piston rod of a step again,at this time, tower above has a standard joint space, by introducing wheel in an outrigger frame rolling, the standard section lead to tower just above, alignment standard section of the bolt connecting hole, cylinder retract first standard section contact, remove the introduction of wheel, adjusting the length of the piston, the supporting seat and the tower body joint face diagonal four high strength bolt tightening.

   How do cranes get on top of buildings?The standard section which is the second to be added is placed on the extended frame,according to the above method,after adding all the standard sections.Finally,please tighten the 8 high strength bolts between the bearing and the tower body.At this point, the tower crane installation is finished, adjust the device. You can completely enter the working state.

   How do cranes get on top of buildings?The method is so simple.

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