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How do cranes get built?

Feb 2, 2016

   How do cranes get built?Lifting operation method, refers to the lifting of heavy weights in place, loading and unloading transportation, lifting and so on. The binding method of a heavy object is just one component of the lifting operation method.

   How do cranes get built?According to the different hoisting machinery and equipment,the same equipment is not the same lifting method.Even if the same equipment, the same construction conditions, the different construction units, different construction site, there will be different lifting methods. This is determined by the characteristics of the creativity of the lifting oper ation.

   How do cranes get built?According to the characteristics of the weights to take the correct binding method.The weight can be adjusted by moving the leveling method and leveling method.

   How do cranes get built?---Rope leveling method

   By bundling rope bundled in mobile point or on a hook,changing the position of the binding point or changing the length of the force rope strand so as to enable the weight to be lifted. It is suitable for long and thin heavy objects, two points tied to the level of lifting work. Available on a rope and a rope. Disadvantages: it can only be carried out in the case of rope, it can sometimes be a few times to adjust the level of.

   How do cranes get built?---Inverted chain leveling method

   The inverted chain is connected with the binding rope, and the length of the binding rope is adjusted. One point, two points, multi point adjustment. Can be carried out with the load, but also adjusted accurately. When the chain of stress overload, block available, down chain as running rope to use, in order to achieve the purpose of regulating the binding rope, in practical work, eccentric chain rope adjusting method. Note: (1) the rope length should be moderate, too long or too short, but the chain can not be adjusted. (2) in the binding rope has been stressed, but the weight is not out of the ground when the regulation should be to prevent a rope or inverted chain overload.

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