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Future prospects of rotary drilling rig

Jan 28, 2016

Rotary drilling rig is a kind of in the building foundation engineering construction into the hole operation of construction machinery. It is widely used in municipal construction, highway bridges and high-rise building foundation construction project, with different drill. It is suitable to dry (short spiral), or wet (rotary bucket) and rock core drill drilling operation.Rotary drilling rig has the following characteristics: such as high power, large output torque, axial pressure, flexible, high efficiency and multi function.Rotary drilling rig adapts to the soil geological conditions in most parts of China, it has a wide range of use, it can basically meet the bridge construction, high-rise building foundation and other projects.

Rotary drilling rig is located at the center of the pile by the crawler itself.In the localization process,the driver automatically adjust the levelness, verticality of the rig in the operating room,which makes the pile machine to achieve the best state,so as to effectively ensure the quality of the hole, to speed up the construction progress. In the construction process of the friction pile, the single pile bearing capacity of the single pile can reach 35% ~ 25 in Shanghai area.Concrete can save 20%, reduce the cost of investment.in addition,rotary drilling rig has auxiliary hoisting capacity,after finishing boreholes qualified, it can timely reinforcement cage hoisting and catheter placed,thus, it shortened to hole reinforcing bar cage cage time, reduce sediment precipitation, which improve the work efficiency. It can ensure engineering quality.

   Because the rotary drilling rig is a low noise, no vibration environmental protection drilling rig,in the drilling process, the noise is less than 65 dB and in holes in the process. It is the original soil mining state, through the drilling bucket lifting loading and unloading directly in the dump earthmoving vehicle, thus it makes into hole process to achieve zero discharge of mud.If the excavation of the original soil moisture content is too large or flow plastic state,if it is equipped with a field flow plastic soil water reduction and solidification treatment device,on digging up the flow plastic soil to reduce water curing treatment, then it passes the dump truck shipment, it meets the environmental requirements of the city.

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