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Do you know mild steel channel?

Jan 28, 2016

Do you know mild steel channel?The mild steel channel is the steel strip, its cross-section groove.The shape of the cross section is a groove shaped steel.

Basic situation of mild steel channel:mild steel channel is used in the construction and machinery for carbon steel,it is a complex section of steel steel,the shape of the cross section is a groove.The mild steel channel is mainly used for building structure, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment and vehicle manufacturing etc..In use, it is required to have better welding, riveting performance and comprehensive mechanical properties.

Classification of mild steel channel:

The mild steel channel can be divided into ordinary channels and light channels. General specifications for 5-40# hot rolled steel.The mild steel channel is mainly used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing, industrial structure and a fixed disk cabinet, channel steel often and I-beam.According to the shape, channels can be divided into 4 types: cold bending equilateral channels, cold bending scalene channel, cold bending edge channels, the cold roll edge stiffeners.According to the theory of steel structure, steel should be flange force, that channel should be upright, not lying.

Appearance requirements:the allowable deviation of surface quality and geometry has specific provisions in the standard.In general. It requires surface there must be no harmful defects, without significantly reversed, provisions of channel wave bending (camber) of allowed values and the specification of the channel steel surface shape parameters (h, B, D, t) numerical, allowable error. The main performance of channel geometry is incorrect: extended leg and leg angle, etc..

 Specification setting:The specifications of the channel is mainly used for height (H), flange width (b), waist thickness (d) etc. size, currently domestic steel specifications from 5 - 40, namely the corresponding height is 5 - 40cm.At the same height,compared with ordinary steel, light channel steel legs, narrow waist thin, light weight. 18 - 40, 5 - 16 large channel, channel and channel. The import channel indicate the actual size and related standards.Channel steel import and export orders are generally in determining the corresponding carbon structural steel (or low alloy steel ganghao, to use the required specifications. In addition to specifications, no channel specific composition and performance series.

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