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Characteristics of galvanised steel channel

Jan 27, 2016

According to different process,galvanised steel channel can be divided into hot dip galvanized steel and galvanized steel hot blow. Galvanised steel channel is a kind of effective way of metal corrosion. It is mainly used in the metal structure of various industries.The rust of steel parts are immersed into 440~460 DEG C melting zinc liquid in, make steel member attached to the surface of the zinc layer,thus it has the purpose of corrosion protection.

   Characteristics of galvanised steel channel:

   1,there is a thick, dense, pure zinc layer which is covered on the steel surface, it can avoid the contact of the steel substrate with any corrosion solution, and it can  protect the steel substrate from corrosion.In the general atmosphere,the surface of the zinc layer is formed on the surface of a thin and compact zinc oxide layer, which is difficult to dissolve in water, so it has a protective effect on the steel substrate.If zinc oxide and other components of the atmosphere in the formation generates the insoluble zinc salt, then the corrosion protection effect is more ideal.

   2,with the iron zinc alloy layer, combined with the density, in the ocean salt spray atmosphere and industrial atmosphere, it showed the characteristic of corrosion resistance;

   3, due to the combination of strong, zinc - iron mutual dissolution,galvanised steel channel has a strong wear resistance;

   4, because the zinc has good ductility, its alloy layer and steel base adhesion is strong, so the hot plating parts can be cold punching, rolling, wire drawing, bending and other forming without damage to the coating;

   5, after hot dip galvanized steel structure, it is equivalent to an annealing treatment, it can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel matrix, to eliminate the stress of steel forming welding, it is conducive to the steel structure parts for turning processing.

   6, after hot dip galvanized parts of the surface is bright and beautiful.

   7, the pure zinc layer is the most rich in hot dip galvanized layer, the nature of the basic close to the pure zinc, with ductility, so it is rich in flexibility.

   Have you known the characteristics of galvanised steel channel?

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