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What does racking mean?

Jan 27, 2016

What does racking mean?Racking is an important tool to modernize and improve the efficiency of warehouse.With the rapid development of economy, foreign enterprises have poured into China's Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta region, which not only lead to the development of local economy, but also bring new management ideas and management techniques. At present, there are more and more kinds of storage warehouse shelves in enterprises, which are more and more automatic and intelligent.
   What does racking mean?---Classification by Development
   Rackings are divided according to the development of the shelf, the traditional shelves and new shelves. The traditional rack comprises a frame layer, layer format shelves, drawers, shelves, cabinets, shelves, u - shaped frame, cantilever frame, grid, saddle, gas cylinder frame, tire special shelves. New shelf include: rotating shelves, mobile shelves, the shuttle car shelf, rack assembly, adjusting rack, pallet racking, into the cart rack, high-level goods shelves, loft style shelves, gravity shelves, screen hanging rack etc..

   What does racking mean?---According to the applicability

   Rackings can be divided into general purpose and special shelf. According to the shelf of the manufacturing materials, steel shelves, reinforced concrete shelves, steel and reinforced concrete mixed shelves, wooden shelves, steel and wood composite shelves, etc..According to the extent of the shelf : open shelves, semi closed shelves, closed shelves, etc.. According to the structure characteristics :layered frame, layer frame, shelf, drawer rack, cantilever frame, tripod, gate type frame etc..

   What does racking mean?---According to the goods

   According to the loading mode shelf: cantilevered shelves, shelves, shelves shelf cabinet type plate. According to the structure of the shelf of a combination of removable shelves, fixed shelves. Which is divided into unit type shelf, general type shelf, mobile shelves, through type shelf. According to the shelf height of points: low shelf: height of 5 meters in the following; middle shelf: height in 5-15 meters; high shelf: height above 15 m. According to the weight of the shelves, heavy shelves: each shelf load in more than 500 kilograms; medium-sized shelves: each shelf loading capacity 150-500 kg; light shelves: each shelf load below 150 kilograms.

   What does racking mean?The species is too much.

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