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How to put shelves on a wall?

Jan 27, 2016

Use rack, extensive functionality, it is loved by the public.Installing shelf on the wall can save space,how to put shelves on a wall?which becomes the most concerned problem,Let me answer for you that how to put shelves on a wall.

   How to put shelves on a wall?The rack was mounted on the wall,which  must comply with the principle of convenient and practical.When we are installing rack,we must take into account the whole layout and the habits of everyday life,for example, we installed the rack in the kitchen,we have to take into account that the rack should be installed in the convenient place,
   How to put shelves on a wall?Installation of shelves should comply with the principle of saving space.In our family, kitchen and bathroom is smaller,so the installation of rack must save space,and make a rational use of our space. 

   How to put shelves on a wall?Installation of shelves must be classified clearly.Wall shelf rack has many kinds, in a different location to install the different functions of the shelf, so let them carry out their duties and make household life orderly.

   The installation method of wall shelves:
   1, we need to take a good amount of fixed position and use a pencil to make a mark;
   2, we can use the electric drill,and use the screws and screws to fix the shelf expansion.

   Although putting shelves on a wall,which is not difficult,but if because the installation location is not appropriate and the influence of the aesthetic effect of the whole room. It is not worth the candle.

   The above is that I offer you the wall rack installation method and installation principle.I hope it will help you to install wall shelves,I hope you will create a comfortable and convenient home life and enjoy a better future home life!

   There are a lot of  installation method and installation principle of wall shelves,in the coming days, I will continue to share it with you.Please continue to pay attention to me!

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