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How to hang shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

Do you know how to hang shelves?
   As is known to us all,all kinds of shelves can be used to store more things,so it is important to know how to hang shelves.So let me tell you how to hang shelves,just take the book shelves for example to explain how to hang shelves:

   1, vertical panel frame production
First, cut the shape of the board, vertical and horizontal lines. 3 vertical boards must be of the same size. Shelves can be arbitrarily placed. Big or small, the trick is to cut out the beautiful arc. Horizontal board is basically straight, but in the end of 40 cm from the place to cut into a curved shape.

   2, cutting and engraving
The whole process of the most complex step is to accurately cut notch transverse frame and the vertical frame fit. Each transverse cut out three notches from the center of a mouth, two 20 cm two mouth.  Adjust the position of the cut according to the size of the book. If the measurement is not accurate enough, the bookshelf is not enough. All cuts should be 18 mm wide so that the board can be inserted. As for the incision is the depth of the notch, where is the trick. The riser is curved, so not all the notch are cut into the same depth. The proposed incision is less than the average width of 1/2. For example, the width of 12 cm, cut 6 cm, width of 6 cm, cut as long as 3 cm on the good.

   3, installation
Now you can put all the boards together to see if they match well, and then take apart, paint and varnish.

   4, embedded in the wall
Finish the job of painting after all assembled in place to place wood shelves. In addition for the top shelf that a piece of wood should not install. In the top frame of the notch hole used for placing the inserted screw, through a board, in the corresponding point on the wall drilling to do is fixed. So,knowing this few points,you will know how to hang shelves.

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