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How to build wall shelves?

Jan 26, 2016

   Shelves which are  mounted on the wall is not only beautiful, but also can save a lot of space,but how to build wall shelves?Next I will share knowledge about the installation of shelves with you.

   How to build wall shelves?Convenience and practicability.When we want to install shelving, we are sure to have to consider the needs of all planning and our daily life.In the kitchen, we should consider installation location of common things,it must be installed the place which is not far from our cooking place.In other words, it is our hand was able to reach the abuse.Those that are not used, we can install or use the vacant part of the kitchen.

   How to build wall shelves?In the bathroom,the rack is used in the shower, how to use in the shower room is not isolated, it need not consider the use of racks.If we use isolated shower room, when we are going to install racks, we must consider to put things in the quantity, and the use of status.

   How to build wall shelves?Save space.In our family, kitchen and bathroom is relatively small place,so, when we are installing racks, we must save space and reasonable use of our space position.

   How to build wall shelves?Classification is clear.Installing the shelf in the kitchen,we must deliberate these:the classification of kitchen appliance racks is various in the market,racks in the market is various, like rack cutter, use condiment racks, draining racks (it is important to use the plate), and so on, in accordance with their different categories,put them in a reasonable position.Draining rack can be mounted next to the sink, the tool holder can be installed on the stove in the corner, seasoning rack frame is installed in the left us cooking contrast in the local. 

   The installation method of the wall shelf:
   1,take a good amount of fixed place, and use a pencil to make a mark;
   2,use a drill to punch,put the rack with screws and nails to shrink.
   Different racks have different considerations.

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