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How to build shelves into a wall?

Jan 26, 2016

 How to build shelves into a wall?Although there are many different specifications of the wall hanging rack,figure can be said to be varied, but all the wall hanging rack, as long as it can be installed on the wall,it does not take off two basic principles: one is the fixed way of the wall, one is the combination of the stent and the wall mount.Generally speaking, no matter which type of the hanging wall, master the two principles of installation, it can be said that there will not be any difficulty in the implementation. 

   How to build shelves into a wall?What are the tools you use?

   Hammer drill or three with electric drill, tape measure, charging type electric screwdriver, hammer, screwdriver, plastic pellets, wall hanging rack, all kinds of wall hanging frame.

   How to build shelves into a wall?We can use the tape to measure and find the installation height of the wall hanging rack,and grab the position of the corresponding installation holes on both sides.We can use the hammer drill or play with three drill mounting holes.Using the hammer to put plastic particles into the mounting hole.Using an electric screwdriver to lock the support frame wall.

   How to build shelves into a wall?In the hanging wall rack installation process,we need to pay attention to the problem is that the hanging frame can bear the loading limit,although the general wall mount installation instructions, it does not tell consumers why it is the limit, but we can still borrow from the installation of the situation and the situation of the wall.On the design, the support frame of the material is more hard, it is not easy to deformation, so it can have a greater weight.If the installation of fixed walls,cement metope of grasping force is ?higher than the wooden wall, we can according to these characteristics, with the purpose of hanging wall frame, to find the most in line with the requirements of the wall hanging frame.

   How to build shelves into a wall?Is there any way?

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