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How much do shopping trolleys cost?

Jan 26, 2016

How much do shopping trolleys cost?---Fashion shopping trolleys.

   1, it is stylish and beautiful, it is popular and environmentally friendly, 600D Oxford fabric is strong and durable, and it is waterproof. 16*0.6mm steel pipe has a good bearing capacity, surface spray, it can prevent rust, bearing is static 60kg, dynamic is 35kg.

   2, the wheels are universal international fast design,the bag can be removed to clean at any time.

   Its price is 19 RMB.

   How much do shopping trolleys cost?---portable shopping trolleys
   Product weight: 2.6KG
Max load: 80KG
Floor size 28*39cm
   wheel diameter: 100*30cm
   height: 100cm
   packing size: 61.5*39.5

How much do shopping trolleys cost?---American hand shopping trolleys
   The hand shopping cart is usually used in supermart, shopping mall and comprehendive market.
   Ths volume had 60 L 80L 100L 125L etc
   The materal of it mild steel
   It is produced with high precision and have stable structure.
   It is for small supermarket, medium supermarket and big supermarket.
   It also could be used by individual and sent as gift.
   loading weight: 60-80KG
   net weight: 11KG
   Its price is 190 RMB.

   How much do shopping trolleys cost?---
   1,The basket is installed at the corner collision angle. It can effectively protect the car body itself and other objects from scratch.
   2,special fixation device, which makes the handle will not have any rotation.
   3 hand cart handle can be printed on all kinds of LOGO patterns that you need.
   4 special steel pipe,which makes the bottom of the trolley structure more solid and beautiful, excellent chrome plating, galvanized coating, and special anti rust coating process.
   5 excellent quality wheels
   Shopping cart features: the weight is light, it has toughness, it is resistant to shock and corrosion resistance, it adopts the non slip design. High grade beautiful, durable and strong. Arm: it uses SPCC seamless steel pipe, the thickness is 2.0mm.
   Its price is 290 RMB.

   How much do shopping trolleys cost?The price of different types and functions of the shopping cart is different,please call us!

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