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How much do school lockers cost?

Jan 26, 2016

Lockers can store more debris,and it can be arranged orderly,its own design can also play an unexpected role in decoration.How much do school lockers cost?Here I will introduce it to you.

   How much do school lockers cost?Life is so simple, simple designer minimalist performance,which is a kind of life attitude, simple and concise, low-key and gorgeous.Modern minimalist lockers are spacious table, as they say, simple is a choice, not simply a kind of ability, even a simple but not simple life is a firm, like this simple modern multifunctional lockers.

   How much do school lockers cost?The multifunctional solid wood cabinet,it refers that it does not have any artificial board, five stickers, the drawer board and the back board are high-quality solid wood,it is resistant to corrosion and wear resistance, and its price is around 2000RMB.Open type environment-friendly paint using this locker, it clearly shows the oak natural oak principle, it perfectly retained wood texture. All solid wood multifunctional lockers have Hangyunliushui like Yamagata lines, no two are exactly the same, even a little color,it is not the nature of the cut and polish.

   How much do school lockers cost?The biggest advantage is: according to the locker room size, it can be freely combined into various shapes.It uses Chinese fir as raw materials, moderate hardness, the original wood bar node, and good stability of fir wood, physical compressive, alkali resistant, durable, breathable strong. Free combination multifunctional lockers completely not because of the structure of the room and too small causing lockers is not practical, so can rest assured. But this free combination of multifunctional lockers cheap, just 500 RMB.

   How much do school lockers cost?This is lockers cabinets, it can also be a display cabinet or cabinet partition. Open design of a cell, multicellular cabinet, placed freely, capacity of more elements, all of the panel can be interchanged, Xpress discoloration and simple installation.In the home environment, it is not only the home decoration, home decoration, it can also play a decorative role, beautiful furniture can also can become a part of home decoration, as multifunctional lockers.

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