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How do forklifts work?

Jan 26, 2016

Take the example of the balance heavy forklift,I will introduce the working principle of the forklift:

   How do forklifts work?Forklift is generally divided into the following seven systems, namely powertrain (engine, motor), walking system (gearbox, torque converter, half shaft, a driving wheel, etc.), braking system, electrical system, steering system, device, and hydraulic system.And the hydraulic system is an important part of forklift,and the working device and steering system are all driven by the hydraulic system.herefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic pressure system directly affect the performance of the forklift truck.

   How do forklifts work?The simplest forklift hydraulic system consists of power source (engine, motor) gear oil pump, high pressure oil pipe, multi way valve, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, steering cylinder and other control valves.

   How do forklifts work?Engine (motor) drives the hydraulic gear pump to produce high pressure oil (gear pump principle with the engine oil pump).Hydraulic oil is sucked out from the fuel tank, through tubing into the multi way valve, according to the different working condition, by pulling the operating handle, can realize the fork of the rise and fall, forward, backward, steering wheel steering action.So as to achieve the forklift handling, loading and unloading of goods, to meet the requirements of people's use.

   How do forklifts work?As a forklift driver or forklift management personnel,careful maintenance of the truck is essential,in order to ensure that the forklift is always in a good state,in addition to the work, we should strengthen the theoretical study, but also learn the necessary tools, supplies, which can ensure the smooth development of the business and the successful completion of the task.

   How do forklifts work?Standing supplies include: 1, the lubricating oil of an internal combustion engine (gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil) common grade: 15W / 40, number: 4L. 2, the vehicle gear oil, commonly used for the load of vehicle gear oil (GL-4) 85W/90, the number: 4L. 3, synthetic brake fluid, quantity: 1000ML. 4, lithium base grease, commonly used for number 3, quantity: 1 kg. 5, cotton yarn, 1 kg.

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