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Do you konw what is racking?

Jan 26, 2016

What is racking?Racking is an important tool to modernize and improve the efficiency of warehouse.
   What is racking?What is development situation ?

   Racking is an important tool to modernize and improve the efficiency of the warehouse, so the shelf industry also came into being, and the market demand is higher and higher. With the rapid development of economy, the large number of foreign enterprises into China's Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta area, not only to promote the development of the local economy, but also bring new management concepts and management techniques.With the continuous increase in production capacity expansion, enterprise warehouse standardization, high efficiency is also a natural reference to the agenda. To store goods shelf shelf.The shelf indicate generally a shelf of deposit the goods.

   What is racking?Racking began to become an industry, which can be traced back to the last century eighty or ninety's.
   What is racking?In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Germany and Hong Kong enterprises concentrated in Huning line set up warehousing equipment Co., Ltd., mainly produces warehouse shelves, investors began to see the shelf industry in China's development prospects.Subsequently, the Swiss companies have set up a shelf company in Shanghai, shelf production technology in the country since the development of.With the gradual improvement of China's local shelf production technology, in order to save costs, more foreign companies have chosen to buy local shelves,the shelf industry in China is also corresponding to the real estate.

   What is racking?Shelf independent export began in 2000, mainly through the foreign trade companies before the agency. China's exports are mostly pallet rack, high - level heavy shelves, and for the installation of services to the higher requirements of the export of three-dimensional library is still relatively small. China automated warehouse shelf has reached the international level. Can achieve advanced, and can achieve a replenishment, repeatedly picking. Its storage efficiency is high.

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