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What is cylinder and its working principle

Jan 25, 2016

What is cylinder, by definition, is to guide the piston within the cylinder cylinder in a straight line reciprocating movement of the cylindrical metal parts. Working medium in the engine cylinder converts heat into mechanical energy by inflation; Gas in compressor cylinder piston compression to increase pressure. Turbine, rotary piston engine housing is usually also called "cylinder". Application areas: printing cylinder tension control), semiconductor (spot welding machine, grinding chip), automation control, robot and so on. In fact, only know what is  cylinder, or not enough. More major or need to know the working principle of the cylinder in the choice of time can be used as a standard. 

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  Cylinder is according to the size of the work force needed to determine the thrust and tension on the piston rod. In order to select the output force should make the cylinder when the cylinder is slightly allowance. If picked the small cylinder diameter, the output power is not enough, the cylinder does not work; But the diameter is too large, the device not only heavy, high cost and the gas consumption increases at the same time, cause energy waste. In fixture design, should as far as possible the power mechanism, in order to reduce the size of the cylinder. Below with a specific examples to explain what is cylinder and working principle. 

  In the design, in addition to know what is cylinder, and the purpose of the cylinder, the size design and calculation, etc., needs to be taken into consideration. Below is theoretical calculation formula of the efforts of cylinder: F: cylinder theory (KGF) output and F ': efficiency was 85% of output force (KGF) - (F') = F (85%) D: cylinder diameter (mm) P: working pressure (KGF/C ㎡) : the cylinder with a diameter of 340 mm, the working pressure of 3 KGF/cm2, its theoretical output force? How much is the bud output force? Connect P, D, and find out the points on the F, F ', too: F = 2800 KGF; F '= 2300 KGF. Choose the cylinder bore during engineering design, can be used according to its stress and the size of the push or pull, found in the table from experience. Example: they use a cylinder pressure for 5 KGF/cm2, launched its thrust in the cylinder is 132 KGF, efficiency is 85% (cylinder) q: how to choose the cylinder bore? Thrust 132 KGF by cylinder and the cylinder efficiency of 85%, the cylinder can be calculated theoretical thrust of F = F '/ 85% = 155 (KGF), by using the pressure 5 KGF/cm2 and the theory of the cylinder thrust, find out the selection of the diameter of 63 cylinder can meet use requirement. 

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