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How to change oil pump from maintenance

Jan 22, 2016

 Oil pump is very common in our daily life, and the oil pump is must have a power to operate, it lower the CAM shaft is driven by the engine crankshaft gear. But how to change the oil pump, I think in addition to our daily attention, more important is the maintenance of oil pump. Fuel injection pump plunger are the key parts of the, if the common syringe to hospital for metaphor, removable plug is known as the plunger, needle tube is called a plunger sleeve, assume that at the top of the cylinder to install a spring inside the plunger end, plunger contact the other end of the camshaft, a week when the camshaft rotating, plunger will move up and down inside the plunger sleeve once, this is the basic movement of fuel injection pump plunger. Below is from the maintenance of the pump to illustrate how to change the oil pump. 

OKorder How to change oil pump from maintenance

   In fact, for anything, all need maintenance in our daily life, prolong its service life, and not only so can also avoid some emergency happened. On the oil pump maintenance should be paid attention to the following aspects: 1. The oil pump water corrosion, so the water material forbids the use of oil pump vacuum. 2. The material contains a large amount of solvent in the first place in the oven, please remove most of the solvent, using the oil pump pumping air into vacuum state. 3. The use of vacuum pump in the correct order to prevent the phenomenon of the suction. 4. After using the vacuum drying oven, be sure to do a good job cleaning, clean the window of the vacuum drying oven. 5. Wipe the surface of the anti-rust oil. 6. Clean the chamber, the fuel injection pump in governor lumen rust-proof oil, add provisions brand of lubricating oil. 7. The anti-rust oil in the fuel line should also be clear before use, will be connected to the fuel injection pump fuel line, turn the fuel injection pump camshaft unceasingly, until the oil valve seat tightly spewed clean combustion. 8. Fuel selection is reasonable. 9. Label the appropriate fuel must be used. General use 0 # diesel oil, summer winter use - 10 # light diesel oil. 10. The use of fuel must be clean and shall not contain any impurities and moisture. Say so, I believe that from the maintenance of oil pump, how to change the oil pump will have a lot of help to you. 

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