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recipes for rice cooker

Jan 19, 2016

If you are a tenant, you only have a rice cooker in home cooking, how would you solve the food problem? If you are a workaholic, too busy to make beautiful food slowly, how would you solve the food problem? Nowadays, easy to do with the rice cooker dishes , or steam or boil or stew, but also eliminates the pain of hot fumes, rice cookers food also can satisfy different kind of people.!

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The cooking pot much more quickly than electrical power sources. Cooking at higher temperatures allows the rice to absorb water faster and cook more quickly, yielding a sweeter and more firm final product. Due to the amount of rice being cooked at one time, electrical powered cookers are not able to heat the cooking pot fast enough.

Some types of rice dishes require special ways of preparation and are not suited to the mode of cooking used by electric/gas rice cookers. These recipes include, e.g., risotto, paella, and stuffed peppers (capsicums).

A relatively new concept is the commercial gas pressure cooker. These cookers use pressure cooking to produce a uniformly cooked batch of rice. Cooking rice in a pressure cooker allows the rice to cook under more optimal conditions.

In the early days of electric home rice cookers in Japan, the products were manufactured, marketed and purchased only within Japan.[citation needed] With the trend of Japanese cuisine spreading abroad, they were exported to Western countries. They were also exported to rice-consuming Asian countries, following decades of rapid economic growth and rising family incomes. Many products are now manufactured in China, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. Even some rice cookers intended only for the Japanese domestic market are now manufactured outside Japan.[citation needed]

Most modern rice cookers use aluminium as its container for cooking rice; there are some models that use stainless steel instead of aluminium

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