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gas built in ovens

Jan 14, 2016

Up to now, the products manufactured by Vatti include various product series such as gas built in ovens (built in electric ovens, built in gas and electric hobs), hobs (electric hob, gas hob), gas water heaters, cooker hoods, sterilizers and cupboards, covering over 500 varieties. Its gas hobs and gas ovens have grown into leading brands of cooking utensils in China, and its gas water heaters and cooker hoods are rated as the Top-3 in China. On June 23, 2005, "Vatti" was regarded as "Famous Chinese Trade Mark" by the trademark office of State Administration of Industry and Commerce; On April 28, 2006, Vatti was approved to serve as an exclusive supplier of gas appliance for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games; In March of 2008, Vatti was appointed to serve as the manufacturer of "Propitious Clouds" torches for Beijing Olympic Games; In April of 2009, Vatti was appointed to serve as a sponsor of kitchen and bathroom equipment for the 11th Chinese National Games, and to supply the torches for the 11th Chinese National Games.uring the Middle Ages, instead of earth and ceramic ovens, Europeans used fireplaces in conjunction with large cauldrons. These were similar to the Dutch oven. Following the Middle-Ages, ovens underwent many changes over time from wood, iron, coal, gas, and even electric. Each design had its own motivation and purpose. The wood burning stoves saw improvement through the addition of fire chambers that allowed better containment and release of smoke. Another recognizable oven would be the cast-iron stove. These were first used around the early 1700s when they themselves underwent several variations including the Stewart Oberlin iron stove that was smaller and had its own chimney.

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In the early part of the 19th century, coal ovens were developed. Its shape was cylindrical and was made of heavy cast-iron. The gas oven saw its first use as early as the beginning of the 19th century as well. Gas stoves became very common household ovens once gas lines were available to most houses and neighborhoods. James Sharp patented one of the first gas stoves in 1826. Other various improvements to the gas stove included the AGA cooker invented in 1922 by Gustaf Dalén. The first electric ovens were invented in the very late 19th century, however, like many electrical inventions destined for commercial use, mass ownership of electrical ovens could not be a reality until better and more efficient use of electricity was available.

More recently, ovens have become slightly more high-tech in terms of cooking strategy. The microwave as a cooking tool was discovered by Percy Spencer in 1946, and with the help from engineers, the microwave oven was patented.The microwave oven uses microwave radiation to excite the molecules in food causing friction, thus producing heat.

In 1992, Vatti as the professional manufacturer of gas and electric oven, gas and electric oven, water heaters, cooker hoods, etc., took the lead among the non-governmental enterprises and introduced CI successfully.

On September 1, 2002, Vatti won the title of "Chinese Famous-brand Products". In April of 2005, Vatti initiated the establishment of public welfare brand. In July of 2006, Vatti was rated as "Chinese Industrial Significant Brand". In June 2007, Vatti started using its new logo.

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