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How to make yogurt by electric yogurt maker

Jan 14, 2016

Make homemade yogurt with an electric yogurt maker is not as difficult as it sounds. It is one of the best foods for your digestive system. Many supermarkets and wholesalers have a variety of them stocked on their shelves. Do you ever wonder how you can make it yourself? It is something that you can experiment with. This article talks about how to make homemade yogurt with electric yogurt maker.

OKorder How to make yogurt by electric yogurt maker

A small container of store bought yogurt (this is used in place of a start culture because it contains live bacteria)

Milk (whatever kind you like, non-fat, goat, soymilk, etc)

Yogurt maker (helps you to easily maintain the correct temperatures)

Use an electric yogurt maker, it is designed to help you maintain the right temperatures and many models for regular households are inexpensive. (see links below for some good yogurt makers) First heat the milk to just below boiling temperature to about 200 F or 93 C. Heat the milk for at least 10 minutes to kill any undesirable bacteria in the milk. If the undesirable bacteria are left in the milk, your yogurt turns into spoiled milk.

Then, the temperature should be lowered to about 110 F or 43 C. Then, we need to add our live culture. This sounds weird right. Not to worry, just use plain yogurt. Be sure to choose one with a live culture.

The temperature should be maintained at about 110 F or 43 C for the bacteria to work best. Again, the electric yogurt maker is the easiest way to do this. After a couple of hours (minimum of 5), you should refrigerate the yogurt for the best results. Yogurt's thickness depends on how many hours you incubate it or keep it at 110 F or 43 C.

One important thing is to wash your appliances a couple of times to make sure it's clean. If the milk is contaminated with other bacteria, it is ruined. This is a very simple recipe; you should try it to refine your technique. (see links below for books on more yogurt recipes)

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