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A perfect lawn---ride lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

   There are a lot of types of lawn machine. Each of them has its own characteristics.Now to introduce one of the best lawn---ride lawn mower. 

OKorder A perfect lawn---ride lawn mower

   Introduction of ride lawn mower:Mainly used for various forage harvesting. Connected to the tractor rear suspension traction rack, the power output shaft with the motion industry. The machine has four high-speed rotating blade, each with three blades on the blade, can be high speed operation of 1-2 hectares, high productivity. The machine is made of a rubber belt, which is composed of a rubber belt, which is composed of a rubber belt, which is composed of a rubber belt, which makes its mechanical structure is simple, good working stability, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. To overcome the mechanical vibration and damage caused by the six angle shaft and the bevel gear transmission. Due to the use of the spring suspension and belt rotation, the knife beam is low, easy to lift, can be close to the ground cutting, cutting stubble is low, while the surface has a good imitation. The cutting blades encounter big obstacles can be hit back, to avoid damage to the blade. The rotating force of the rotary table of the machine, the grass to the center position,it is easy to collect.

   Instructions of ride lawn mower:1, please connect the ride lawn mower and the tractor, the distributor adjusts to the working condition. The tractor's rear suspension hydraulic oil cylinder is reduced to a low level, and the lawn machine cylinder should be suspended.

2, before the harvest, first let the machine idle 1 hours, 20 minutes low-speed, medium speed for 20 minutes, 20 minutes of high-speed operation 1 hour after shutdown, separation power output axis.

Check: check all connections to some screws. Two bearings should not be heated, the same inspection of the rotating box should not be heat. Three check adjustment drive belt. Confirmed that each component are working normally, bearing and miscellaneous box has enough oil, the header can smooth and normal work, after the idle no problem to to harvest.

3, the new machine for the first time under the harvest, work for an hour after the use of a torque wrench to check all the screws, focused on checking the rotation of the cutter plate fixation, blade and protective device.

4, the maximum width of the ride lawn mower should be harvested, as far as possible to get the most of the tractor. When the cutting table meets the obstacle, it should improve the tractor's rear suspension hydraulic cylinder device.

5, in the formation of the highest level of the ground work speed to 15 km / h, not flat ground to slow down.

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