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All kinds of lawn mower types

Dec 29, 2015

   lawn mower types---Hydraulic drive

   It is mainly driven by the hydraulic motor, the operation is simple, it achieved a zero turning,it has got a lot of applications in the commercial with the progressive type of lawn. It has good operational and dynamic characteristics,it is mainly used for general operations. 

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   lawn mower types--- manual mower

   The height of the manual mower is fixed,so it is not necessary to adjust the height, and its power is low, the noise is large, the appearance is delicate and beautiful. It can greatly reduce the manual operation, at present, it is being widely used.

   lawn mower types---direct-connected mower

   The blade has a bright blade and a cutting edge. In general, we all use a light blade. The cutter driving device is similar to the grain harvester, and the offset type crank connecting rod mechanism and the swinging ring mechanism are adopted. Due to the growth of herbage density is big, moisture content is high, the average speed of knife is higher than that of corn harvester, generally it is 1.6 to 2.0 M / sec.

   lawn mower types---Rotarymower

   The driving device is arranged below the cutter head, and is also known as the lower drive rotary lawn mowing machine. On the table of the rotary cutter,generally tied with 6 to 4 knife set.Each cutter head is hinged with 2 ~ 6 blades, there are special nylon rope cutter articulated by centrifugal force mowing. The configuration of the cutter head is staggered, and the rotation of the blade is overlapped.The cutter head is usually driven by a gear drive, and the other is the opposite of the steering wheel. Compact structure, stable transmission, reliable. But there is a higher position in the lower part of the cutter. In order to guarantee the low cut and reduce the heavy cutting, the cutter plate usually forward tilt angle. 

   lawn mower types---flail mower

   It is mainly suitable for grass shrub land, mowing and cleaning of the ground?, renovating or reforming the ranch operations.

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