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what is pcb design?

Dec 29, 2015

 What is pcb design?SMT circuit board is one of the indispensable components in the design of surface mount. The SMT circuit board is a supporting part of the circuit element and the device in the electronic products, which realizes the electrical connection between the circuit element and the device. With the development of electronic technology, the volume of PCB board is smaller and smaller, the density is higher and higher, and the PCB plate layer is increasing, therefore, the requirements of PCB in the overall layout, anti-interference ability, process and manufacturing requirements are more and more high.

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   What is pcb design?The main steps of printed circuit board design;..1: drawing principle diagram. ..2: the creation of component libraries. ..3: to establish the principle diagram and the network connection of components on the printed board. ..4: wiring and layout. ..5: create printed board production using data and paste production using data.

   What is pcb design?In the design process of printed circuit board, the following questions should be considered: 1. To ensure the correctness of the network connection in the circuit schematic diagram and in the physical and the circuit diagram. 2, printed circuit board design is not only to consider the principle diagram of the network connection, but also to consider some of the requirements of the circuit engineering, circuit engineering requirements of the power line, ground wire and other wire width, line connection, some elements of the high frequency characteristics, components of the impedance, anti-interference, etc.. 3, printed circuit board system installation requirements, mainly consider the installation hole, plug, positioning hole, reference point to meet the requirements of various components of the placement and accurately installed in the specified location, while the installation, system debugging, and ventilation cooling.

   What is pcb design?The manufacture of printed circuit boards and the requirements of its process,which be familiar with the design specifications and meet the requirements of the production process, so that the design of the printed circuit board can be successfully carried out.

   What is pcb design?We want to make the design of the circuit board to achieve the intended purpose, the overall layout of the printed circuit board, the placement of components plays a key role, it directly affects the entire printed circuit board installation, reliability, ventilation cooling, wiring through rate

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