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what is pcb board

Dec 29, 2015

 What is pcb board, printed circuit board is a substrate for the assembly of electronic components, is designed to form a point of connection between the common substrate and printed elements of the printed board. The main function of the product is to make various electronic components to form a predetermined circuit connection, the role of relay transmission is the key electronic products of electronic products, there is "the mother of electronic products," said.

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     What is pcb board, printed circuit board as a substrate for electronic parts loading and key interconnections, any electronic equipment or products are required to be equipped with. Its downstream industry covers a wide range, involving general consumer electronics, information, communications, medical, and even Aerospace Science and Technology (Information Market Forum) products and other fields. With the development of science and technology, the demand for electronic information processing of all kinds of products is gradually increasing, the emerging electronic products are emerging, so that the use of PCB products and the market continues to expand. What is pcb board, what is pcb board with application ? Emerging 3G mobile phones, automotive electronics, LCD, IPTV, digital TV, computer replacement will also bring greater than the traditional market PCB market.

     What is pcb board, PCB is the most basic information electronic components, electronic components industry in the electronic components industry. According to the number of layers, PCB is divided into single panel, double plate and multilayer board; according to the softness, PCB is divided into rigid printed circuit board and flexible printed circuit board. In industrial research, generally in accordance with the basic classification of the above PCB products, the PCB industry is subdivided into six major segments of the single panel, double sided board, conventional multilayer board, flexible plate, HDI board, packaging substrate and so on.

     PCB industry is a typical cyclical industry. From a historical point of view, the cycle is generally 7-8 years, but with the accelerated pace of downstream demand updates, and gradually reduced to about 4 years, the recent boom in 1995, 2000 and 2004 respectively. And liquid crystal panel and memory and other products are different, CCL price trend is mainly driven by the cost of raw materials, while the price of PCB is affected by the degree of supply and demand balance.

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