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How does the best mulching lawn mower mowing

Dec 29, 2015

   Do you know how does the best mulching lawn mower mowing?Then I will explain to you the steps of mowing.

OKorder How does the best mulching lawn mower mowing

   Start:Please put the gasoline engine throttle to maximum. Increase the throttle, so that the gasoline engine to reach the maximum speed.When the lawn grass to reach the normal shear capacity, to maintain the normal pace of forward.

   Forward velocity of the best mulching lawn mower: No matter what kind of lawn mower,according to the amount of grass to control speed. When the grass is large, the speed should be reduced; on the other hand, speed. Always pay attention to reduce the throttle in operation cannot cut.

   Height of mowing:For the same piece of grass, we should keep the same mowing height.After adjusting the cutting height.We should always check whether the height changes, especially the best mulching lawn mower,we should pay attention to should not be too much force in a moving handrail, to prevent the front tilt, and effect the grass height.

   Cut direction:For the same piece of lawn should avoid every pruning are used in the same way, to prevent forever in the same place and the same direction repeatedly clip, otherwise it will enable turfgrasses tends to the same directional growth, serious when can form grass pier. Generally, the ornamental lawn uses the South or east to run from the south to the north, the area of the lawn is running in the circular direction.

   Stop and stop blade:Please put the door gently pulled the stop position.

   The right to use the garden machinery - the best mulching lawn mowe, it is only good and no harm. Only operate the mower in every step and detail are strict and controls, in order to ensure the mower normal work, ensure the smooth progress of the mowing work, so as to achieve the effect of improving the green forest.Release the safety lever, to stop the gasoline engine and the blade. But pay attention to the gasoline engine to stop, because the belt loose and so that the power and the blade clutch, the blade will turn a few seconds.

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