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what is a lawn mower

Dec 29, 2015

What is a lawn mower?It is a kind of mechanical equipment and green environmental protection equipment for cutting grass. It can cut and dry grasses and weeds.And the recovered hay was used as animal feed.

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    What is a lawn mower?Cut grass or other crops that can be made into hay, and lay them on the ground. There are two types of reciprocating and rotary. Reciprocating mower for production in late 1850s, early is the use of animal traction wheel driven, by cutting knife.With the development of artificial grassland, the 70 time metaphase began to produce and use rotary lawn. In the highly developed countries, the research of new type of lawn mowing machine is developing in the direction of high speed and energy saving.

    What is a lawn mower?---Tractor mower

    The structure is simple, portable and flexible. There are 3 kinds of front suspension, side and rear suspension, the most widely used in the future. Reciprocating mower comprises cutter and cutting knife transmission device, a cutter lifting device, safety device and retaining the main parts, such as the grass device composition.

    What is a lawn mower?---reel-type relay

    It relies on the high speed rotation of the blade to cut the grass. Cutting speed (the circumferential speed of the root of the blade edge) is as high as 60 ~ 90 m / s. Work smoothly, the operation speed of up to 15 km / h. Its characteristics are strong adaptability to forage grass, suitable for high yield pasture, but the cutting is not neat, the weight is more, the power of unit cut is larger.

    What is a lawn mower?---Reciprocating lawn

    It depends on the relative shear moving cutter knife and the fixed knife cutting grass. The characteristics are that the cutting stubble is orderly, the power needed by the unit cut is small, but the adaptability to the different growth state of the forage grass is poor. It is suitable for flat natural grassland and general production of artificial grassland.

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