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Lesson plan on "the treatment of used batteries for cars"

Dec 28, 2015

Subject:the treatment of used batteries for cars。

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   Teaching objectives:

   1, through activities, so that students understand the battery contains mercury, cadmium, lead, nickel, zinc, manganese and other heavy metals, to understand the dangers of used batteries for cars.

   2,By discussing the disposal of used batteries for cars, to develop students' creative ability and imagination ability.The best treatment method for waste battery is to recycle and extract the useful components, to change the waste into resource. 

   3, through the activities, to cultivate students' practical ability and social investigation to participate in social life consciousness. 

   4, through the activities, improve the students' awareness of environmental protection, To clarify the significance of the use of used batteries for cars, and to cultivate students' ability of collecting and processing information and the ability to work together. 

   Heavy point:Damage of used batteries for cars.

   Difficult point:the treatment of used batteries for cars

   To understand the goal of autonomous inquiry:1, the harm of waste battery

2, waste battery treatment.

   Specific teaching process:

   1, pre prepared (1) the formation of the team: all students (sub group to arrange the work) (2) design a good questionnaire (3) to organize students to collect information and research, know the harm of waste battery". 

   2, the reality Survey (1) distribution survey questionnaire, do a good job of recycling and statistical work and analysis of the results of the survey summary (2) field survey of waste battery treatment or to the relevant departments to understand the situation. 

   3, communication and discussion:Discuss the use of waste battery and a battery recycling scheme.

   4, practical operation (1) to collate the information collected by students, distributed to school classes and nearby villages and towns (2) hands-on experiments (with the removal of the used batteries for cars into the pot, the observation of flowers) to understand the dangers of waste (3) hands on the design of waste battery recycling box, organize students to carry out the battery with the old for new". 

   5, exchange of summary (1) to discuss the results of the survey, as well as the cause of the. (2) encourage students to write the experience of the survey and small papers, and choose several good communication.

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