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New type car battery delivery

Dec 28, 2015

     If your car often runs in the urban area, or do not often drive, it is easy to cause the battery power, the car can not start.Because the car starts the instantaneous current is very big,start a run, need to run 30-40 km to supplement the consumption of current.Especially in the winter, it is easy to cause sparking difficulties,to give you a great inconvenience to travel.So should be regularly to the battery charge, to avoid the trouble of starting difficult. If your car because the battery power and difficult to start,new type car battery delivery only need to charge in 10 minutes,it can start normally.

OKorder New type car battery delivery

     This product is a new type car battery delivery,its volume is small, the price is low, and the use is convenient,it can be carried with the car.The use of three - stage charging method, the full protection of the battery, to extend the service life of the battery.

     New type car battery delivery replaced the traditional charger big and bulky expensive shortcomings,it is very suitable for car battery charging,it is necessary for a car.

     Rechargeable battery:20AH-120AH 12V (the size of the battery is the best condition for the car battery delivery, car battery capacity is generally in the range of this range).The car battery delivery is downward compatible, in the capacity of a relatively small battery, it is very fast or directly into the green indicator, and automatically enter the small current charging.

     Applicable battery:

     1, suitable for general transport of the battery, can be used for motor vehicles, motorcycles, ships, etc..


2, the battery is suitable for vehicles, can be used for battery forklifts, golf carts, small mower charging.


3, suitable for Fixed class of batteries, can be used in power system, construction site, UPS power supply,

Charging of batteries for lighting, fire, etc..

     product model:12V-6A suitable for rechargeable battery 20AH - 80AH

12V-8A suitable for rechargeable battery 20AH - 120AH

     external dimensions:Long 15cm, wide 8cm, high 6cm.


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