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Digital SLR camera sensor clean collection

Dec 28, 2015

 After a period of use, dslr sensor will inevitably be contaminated with some dust. When the image dslr sensor is stuck with dust or other material, it may cause black spots in the image. 

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     If there is dust on the dslr sensor, the part of the attached dust will not be exposed, and the image will be displayed as black spots. The use of wide-angle lens will become more apparent, if the aperture, even the shape of the dust can be seen clearly. Using this feature, we can find it hard to notice the dust as soon as possible. Shooting the sky with a wide-angle lens or a zoom lens, and when the aperture is minimized, it will be able to detect the presence of dust. To avoid this, clean the dslr sensor as follows. Should pay attention to the following questions:

     One, automatic cleaning dslr sensor. Take Canon as an example: 

1 the power switch is set to <ON>. 

2 press the <MENU> button to display the menu.

3 under the [set] tab, select the clean sensor, and then press the <SET> button.  

4 appear below the screen. Select [clean] immediately, and then press the <SET> button.

5 select [OK], then press the <SET> button. The screen will indicate that the sensor is being cleaned. Although there is a shutter sound, but will not take pictures.

     Two, manual cleaning dslr sensor

     Dslr sensor is a very sophisticated component. If possible, it should be sent to the service center for cleaning. Here to introduce how to clean the dslr sensor. For more details, please refer to the instruction manual for the camera.

1) no power switch is disconnected.

2) do not open the memory card slot cover.

3) do not remove the battery. 1 take the camera lens. 2 insert the AC adapter or battery plug into the battery compartment. 3 power switch is set to open (open) >, press < menu (menu) > button to display the menu window.

4) from the following image display menu, select the following contents: open the camera's "manual cleaning sensor" mode (different brands of the camera is known as the difference), absolutely can not use the "B" mode.

5), using a blower to blow the dust of the CMOS sensor on the rubber surface.

6) when the power switch is cleaned, the power switch is turned off. The shutter will be closed, and the lens is down.

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