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Introduce type of transportation to you

Dec 25, 2015

The type of transportation has many kinds.The classification is as follows:

     type of transportation---Highway transportation

OKorder Introduce type of transportation to you

     This is mainly to use the car, also use other vehicles (such as human, animal drawn vehicles) to carry out a way to transport passengers and goods on the highway.Highway transportation is mainly responsible for the short distance, small volume of freight and water transport, railway transport is difficult to reach the area of long-distance, large quantities of freight and railway, water transport advantage is difficult to play the short distance transport.Because of highway transportation is very flexible, in recent years, in the area of railway, water transport, long-distance transport of large quantities also began to use the road transport. Highway transportation is the main advantage of high flexibility, short highway construction, low investment, easy to adjust measures to local conditions, the receiving station facilities is not high. 

      type of transportation---Railway transportation 

     This is a kind of transport way using trains to deliver goods. Railway transportation is mainly responsible for long distance, large quantities of freight, in the absence of water transport conditions, almost all of the large quantities of goods are to rely on the railway,it is the main transport function in the trunk of the transport form.

     type of transportation---Water transport

     Water transport is mainly for the large quantity and long distance transportation, which is the main function of the main transport in the trunk. In the inland and coastal areas, water transport is often used as a small transport, as a supplement and convergence of large quantities of trunk transport.

     This is a way to use the ship transporting passengers and cargo transport.The main advantage of water transport is the low cost, low cost, large quantity, long distance transportation. But water transport also has obvious shortcomings, the main transport is slow, by the port, the water level, the season, the climate has a big impact, and therefore a long time to interrupt the transportation of a long time.

     type of transportation---Transport aviation

     his is a form of transport by aircraft or other aircraft. Air transport unit cost is very high, therefore, the main suitable for carrying goods have two kinds, one is the value of high, freight bear ability is very strong, such as expensive equipment parts, high-grade products, etc., another kind is urgent need of material, such as disaster relief and rescue materials, etc..

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