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Do you konw the introduction of transport

Dec 25, 2015

     Do you konw the introduction of transport?Let me introduce it to you. 

OKorder Do you konw the introduction of transport

     introduction of transport---The Ministry of transport of China, for short, is the Ministry of transport, which is an important branch of the State Council of the people's Republic of China. Responsible for optimizing the layout of transport, play the overall advantages and efficiency, accelerate the formation of a convenient, smooth, efficient, safe transport system, the formation of the Ministry of transport.The main responsibility of the Ministry of transport is to formulate and organize the implementation of the road, water and land, civil aviation industry planning, policy and standards, to undertake the planning and coordination of the comprehensive transport system, and promote the various modes of transport and other transport.

     introduction of transport---Main responsibilities

     (1) formulate the development strategies, policies and regulations of the highway and waterway transportation industry, and supervise the implementation of the regulations.

(2) the development of the road, the road transport industry development plan, the medium and long term plan and supervise the implementation; responsible for the transportation industry statistics and information guidance.

(3) the regulation of key materials transportation and emergency transportation; organize the implementation of the national key highway and waterway construction.(4) to guide the reform of the system of the transport industry, maintain the equal competition order of the highway and waterway transportation industry, and guide the optimization structure and coordinate development of the transportation industry.

(5) construction, organization and facilities maintenance, highway toll fee collection; responsible for the automobile maintenance market, driving schools and driver training industry management.

(6) the construction and organization of waterway infrastructure maintenance and fee collection; responsible for water safety supervision and inspection of ships and offshore installations and the prevention of pollution from ships, maritime security, communications and navigation, salvage rescue work; the implementation of industry management of shoreline layout of shipping agency, shipping tally, waterway dredging, port and harbor facilities construction.

(7) the development of science and technology policies, technical standards and regulations of the transport industry, the organization of major scientific and technological development, and the promotion of technological progress in the industry, and the guidance of higher education and adult education and vocational and technical education in the transport sector.

(8) responsible for the administration of personnel, labor wages and institutions directly under the authority of the Ministry of personnel and the Ministry of personnel, and shall be the main leading cadres under the provisions of the management unit and the construction of the staff and workers of the transportation industry.

     introduction of transport---Organization structure

     Departments of the Ministry:Office,Restructuring and Regulation Department,etc.

     Immediate institution:Maritime Bureau,Salvage Bureau,etc.

     introduction of transport---Major leadership

     minister:Chuantang Yang

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