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definition of traffic and traffic signs

Dec 25, 2015

There are many friends who don't understand the definition of traffic, and here we have to learn about it.


     definition of traffic:Transportation refers to the transport of passengers, goods transport, language and text, which includes two aspects : transport and telecommunications, in the national economy is the third industry. Transport has five ways, including the railway, highway, waterway, air and pipeline, posts and telecommunications, including two aspects : postal and telecommunications.

     definition of traffic---Basic meaning:Transportation is a prerequisite for the exchange of goods. With the improvement of the transportation, the material production of human being has gradually changed from the way of self - sufficiency to the mode of division of labor.

     According to the definition of traffic, traffic can be divided into land, sea and air transport.

     After understanding the definition of traffic, we'll learn about the traffic signs.

     Guide sign:Used to indicate the direction of the town and village, destination and distance, highway exit, the location of the famous location and other traffic information.The colors are blue and white, and they can help the driver to locate and identify the direction. A blue background guide sign is usually associated with the urban road,while the green color guide sign is related to the urban expressway and expressway. 

     Warning signs:Traffic warning signs are using graphic symbols and text to convey specific information,facilities for managing traffic and driving directions in order to ensure smooth and safe traffic.It is suitable for highway, urban road and all the special highway, with the nature of the law, the vehicle, pedestrians must comply with. Traffic signs are divided into two major categories: the main signs and auxiliary signs.The main signs are warning signs, prohibition signs, signs and road signs.

     Indicator identification:To indicate the direction of the vehicle and pedestrian, the location of the road, the color is blue and white, the shape of a circular, rectangular and square. Indicating that the logo can guide the right direction and lane for the driver to avoid traffic violation.

     Prohibition sign:It is a vehicle to be banned or restricted by the traffic signs, most of the pattern is white + red circle + pattern pressed red bar + black pattern.  

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